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Denise C.

"Great encouragement and strategies from a working mom who knows the importance of encouraging healthy eating and exercise habits for the whole family!" 

Gina A.

"As a fellow busy working mom and also a life long friend of Jennifer’s I am always blown away by how she makes healthy, from scratch meals taste so delicious and not take forever to make! I have made several of her recipes and they are not only easy to make but my picky family loves them too."  

Lynn S.

"Jennifer has developed not only healthy recipes but delicious and easy to make ones! She also provides possible ingredient substitutions, which is another plus. Jennifer understands that many of us are very busy and don't have a lot of time to spend preparing meals but want to embrace healthy eating. And, did I mention.....her recipes are yummy!" 

Denise D.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Jen as a health coach, attended her cooking demonstrations, and benefitted from food shopping trips where she shared her knowledge for the best food choices.


Working with Jen enabled me to lose a significant amount of weight and greatly improve my blood work numbers.  And thanks to Jen I now have the knowledge needed to continue living a healthy life.

Jen is very knowledgeable, she is excellent at sharing her knowledge, and she is a wonderful motivator.


Her cooking demonstrations and the recipes she's provided give wonderful, delicious, easy to prepare, and healthy meal choices.  


I've given her food shopping trip gift certificates as gifts, and it was a wonderful gift idea!"

Steve K.

"Let me tell you about an amazing health coach.  Jennifer identifies creative alternatives so that I don't feel like I am on an unsustainable starvation diet. 


Yesterday, the Mrs. requested that I make dinner for Saturday, not pizza.  A real meal.  So I went to my collection of recipes by Jen....I came up with Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon.  I must have followed the recipe closely, 'cause the dinner was perfect.  The dinner was so delicious that my son ate the leftovers for breakfast.  He also encouraged me to make it again.'s all vegetables!!


In addition to her creative solutions, she is quick with a laugh.  She is always encouraging, even when I returned from a great vacation."  

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