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Non-stick baking mat

I love using these for anything going in the oven (vegetables, baked goods, etc).  They eliminate the need for oil/extra calories.


Olive wood salt keeper

I just love anything made of olive wood.  I've had this salt keeper for a few years now, and since then I'm a collector of all things olive wood!  

I got my bowl from my favorite wood store in Manchester VT, but you can find them online if you're not near VT.


Silicone lids

These work so well, and are a  great way to eliminate plastic wrap and foil.  These are also great for traveling with a dish that doesn't have a lid.


Glass water pitcher with strainer

This seriously makes drinking water so easy.  Add any combination of fruit that you'd like, and leave on your counter for an easy reminder to hydrate!  This is also great for iced tea or cold brew coffee..


Crepe pan

I love making crepes.  And I was lucky enough to receive this Le Creuset crepe pan from my friends years ago.  One of my favorite pieces!

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Citrus squeezer

I use something like this to make a batch of lemon and lime juice to keep in the fridge for the week.  Great to add to seltzer water, guacamole, cosmo's, and much more!


Handheld immersion blender

The immersion blender is one of my favorite kitchen items. 

Great for making soups.  No need to transfer to a blender, just puree right in your soup pot.

I don't have a favorite brand of blender, so if you love yours, send me an email!


Reusable sandwich wrap

Plastic bags and plastic wrap are rarely used in my house.  I have been using products like these for years, and I love them.  They are a great way to help save the environment, and to save your wallet!


Zyliss Citrus Zester

This makes the best lemon twists around.  I use it behind the bar at Luc's, and we use it in my kitchen at home.  

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